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Dinosaur Train with Lights and Sounds

The Dinosaur Train CRAZE

The Dinosaur Train series  hit the small screen, and caused a craze amongst pre-schoolers all around the world. As with all exciting television shows, children love to be able to have fun long after the credits have rolled and you will find that many fans of the show are anxiously awaiting the release of a range of Dinosaur Train toys and products.
Dinosaur Train Toys - Interaction Buddy

Kids  LOVE “Buddy” the Funny and Intelligent T-REX

Dinosaur Train is an animated show for children between the ages of three to six, and aims to teach children about paleontology, and natural history and science in a fun way. The adorable Tyrannosaurus Rex named Buddy, boards the colorful Dinosaur Train every episode and embarks on a wide range of interesting journeys into various prehistoric lands, and uncovers exciting dinosaur facts.



Dinosaur Train Toys - TrackKids Learn With Dinosaur Train

After the first episode of Dinosaur Train  aired, the show became a big hit with children as well as their parents. There is so much to learn with the series and the children get to experience the adventures of Buddy as well as learn interesting historic facts at the same time.  The best part is that all episodes are fun filled and there are so any children who would love to extend the fun they have into their own homes.



Dinosaur Train Toys - 3 PackChildren around the world have been asking their parents when they are going to get a Dinosaur Train toy.  DinosaurTrain toys and T-shirts, are some the most wanted popular gifts for children. Melissa Segal, of consumer products division at Jim Henson Co., stated that through imaginative Dinosaur train toys, viewers would be given the opportunity to expand on both their play and learning.



Dinosaur Train Toys - Tiny Train CarThe RC2 Corporation has been given the worldwide master  Dinosaur Train toy license for the series. RC2 Corporation president, Peter Henseler, has expressed his excitement at working alongside Jim Henson Co. in producing the Dinosaur Train toy and other products. Another point that Henseler made, was the fact that many other dinosaur products have limited teaching value, whereas products in the Dinosaur Train toy line would combine two of children’s favorite interests, as well as teach them about dinosaurs in an entertaining way.



Dinosaur Train Toys - Dino Fun BuddyChildren, especially pre-schoolers  would love their very own Dinosaur Train toys  to play with.  Items that are very popular include a miniature dinosaur train, the dinosaur characters featured in the show, as well as Dinosaur Train clothing and costumes.


Fortunately, many children will find Dinosaur Train toys  waiting for them on birthdays and holidays, and in the meantime, they will continue to tune into their favorite show every morning and keep on learning about dinosaurs and natural science.



Tank the Triceratops   can  recognize and interact with the other dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train. He can talk and sing with the other dinosaurs.  Just press his button, and he’ll share insteresting and educational dinosaur info. Tank can make chomping, crashing and stomping sounds as he moves. He also has moveable and poseable head, legs, arms, and tail.



Tiny from Dinosaur Train

Tiny Pteranodon   InterAction Figure has SmartTalk technology that allows her  to recognize and interact with other dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train.  Press Tiny’s  button, and as she’ll  share lots of interesting dino facts.  Tiny can make  chomping sounds, flapping sounds  as she waves her wings,  and stomping sounds as she walks. Tiny features a fully poseable head, legs, arms, and tail.



Mr. Pteranodon Perry And Conductor BuddyIt’s a  Dinosaur Train 3 pack collection. It’s   Mr Pteranodon, Perry and Conductor Buddy  from Dinosaur Train. Mr. Pteranodon is a bit silly but fun Dinosaur who loves his kids and coaches them to work together to get things done. Perry is a dino who can teach the others a little music. Of course Conductor Buddy is the most awesome dinosaur because he’s the star of  Dinosaur Train!




Dinosaur Train's Trudy, Morris and Tiny

Another Dinosaur Train 3 pack of friends, Trudy, Tiny and Morris.   Trudy is the triceratop. She’s the mom of Tank the triceratop. Trudy is also good friends with Mrs. Pteranodon. Tiny is the confident Pteranodon who likes rhymes and Morris is the stegosaurus who has trouble remembering things and talks like a surfer.



Dinosaur Train - Dolores, Mr. Conductor, and Shiny

My Friends Shiny, Mr. Conductor and Delores are Bipeds ! Shiny is girly and likes to hang out at home, Mr Conductor has the awesome job of being the conductor of the Dinosaur Train and he explains how the Dinosaur Train works along with teaching dinosaur facts.  Delores has a good sense of smell and loves to hunt for meat to eat. Delores also a has a daughter Annie.




Mookie from Dinosaur Train  is an herbivore. Mookie  likes to eat plants. Mookie can walk on two or four legs.  Mookie is a young dinosaur Maiasaura (a large duck-billed dinosaur).  Mookie and his train car are compatible with other  Dinosaur Train Lights and Sounds train cars and characters. Mookie comes from the “My Friends are Bipeds” collection.



Dinosaur Train - Boris Storage Case Dinosaur Train – Boris – Storage Case

Boris is a super handy and fun storage case that lets you store and carry up to 20 of your favorite Dinosaur train collectibles. There’s a trigger on the handle that opens Boris’ mouth to store your dinosaur friends and pieces. Close Boris’ mouth to hold all the figures safely inside. Use the carrying handle to take  your dino buddies anywhere you go!




Extreme Arnie Argentinosaurus is a battery powered interactive dinosaur  that is over 12 inches tall and  features over 80 dinosaur sounds and phrases. Kids can control the dinosaur using a junior conductor wristband.  Arnie can sing, walk, talk, stomp and rear back.



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